Nualgi Foliar Spray uniquely combines all 13 essential plant nutrients in a single formulation to promote more efficient photosynthesis. 

"We have and will continue to use Nualgi. There is no doubt that the growth rate of the treated plants has increased. To that point we believe in Nualgi and have expanded the usage of it” Farm Manager, 1400-acre Vegetable Farm, Immokalee FL

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"Unfortunately, many soils around the world suffer from one or more micronutrient deficiencies. Applying these nutrients is increasingly being demonstrated to stimulate agricultural productivity. Notably, when specific micronutrients are added to crops that have been fertilized with nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and/or potassium (K), additional effects on growth and yield are observed..." Christian Dimkpa, IFDC Scientist and Plant-Soil Biologist

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“The results were fantastic. Root length, mass and density improvement of 25%-30% over previous seasons. A noticeably darker color and overall plant density improvement of 10%-15%. Customer comments were extremely positive; much improved over previous seasons.” James Baquial, Superintendent Aberdeen Glen Golf Course

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